Are there any tabs for weezer songs that are quite easy? I have been playing bass for a while but I want to start playing the acoustic guitar.

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El Scorcho and the verse and chorus from Only In Dreams are pretty easy.

Undone was the first song I ever learned to play.  Easy picking in the intro, and the solo is relatively easy too.


Photograph and Possibilities are really easy songs to play, and fun as well.

Pork and Beans is very easy and fun. Undone is nothing too hard. Obviously Butterfly. My favorite Weezer song to play on acoustic is the chords of Say It Ain't So. If you arpeggio some of the chords, it sounds great. Just go to the page for Weezer and go through the tabs. Most of them are rather simple and really fun to play. Good luck!

if you really get into music, and reading music, try purchasing one of the guitar tab books for one of the =w= albums.


I am fascinated by just listening to the songs and following the music.  I usually hear something new every time.

only in dreams on bass
Pretty much every Weezer song is easy o n guitar, even for beginners! Their solos are even easy, and great practice if you are just learning to solo!
All of them, except some Maladroit era solos.
pork and beans

Butterfly. It's four chords and a little riff.


good stuff on here....I am a beginner too!  

Most are easy.  When I was a beginner, I found it difficult to do the little hammer on from the opening riff of SIAS.  That one has some bluesy stuff going on but it's super fun to play it.  The solos can be good practice because they're generally a bit harder in my experience.

Falling For You

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