Are there any tabs for weezer songs that are quite easy? I have been playing bass for a while but I want to start playing the acoustic guitar.

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Beverly Hills is easy to play on guitar and are you any good at bass?.

Island in the sun is just Em, Am, D, G. Really easy chords to learn for a beginner, also really easy to get the sound of the song.


Also the guitar solo is so simple.

I started learning Lover in the Snow. It seems pretty easy. Thanks for all the help guys!
Daniel, Weezer is generally very easy to play on the guitar, it only really gets difficult when you hit a solo from anything between Blue and Maladroit, although most anything from Green would be exceptionally easy if you know chords
island in the first song that i learned on acoustic....

Em, Am, D, G over and over
and for the part that says "we'll run away together...." that is D, G, C, Am, D
Crazy One from Alone is very easy.  I'm a horrible guitar player but I can play that one!
literally every weezer song is easy to play on guitar. trust me. i started playin guitar on weezer songs. ive learned them all.

Trippin' Down The Freeway

Longtime Sunshine



pork n beans is by far their easiest song to play, it was the first song i ever learnt



Buddy Holly wasn't too hard either.

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