Being one of the Geezer Weezer fans (34yrs old) my memories go back a ways. My older brother whom I looked up to for alot of my musical direction listened to bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Kiss and ACDC. Aside from being very frightened of his Ozzy posters it laid ground work for what I saw as my music of choice. I had been brought up on all kinds of music, from my parents listening to 50's artists such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Fats Domino and Motown to the 60's of The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix to the 70's of The Bee Gees, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Now obviously being from Nashville I got my fill of all things Country music had to offer as well. My sister listened to all the New Wave of the 80's so I loved stuff from Cyndi Lauper, The Cars, Men at work and all things Mtv but my brothers music seemed to interest me the most. My brother and I would stay up late and watch Mtv shows like Alternative Nation, The Buzz and The Headbangers Ball and listen to the bands that where shaping the music sceen at the time. I remember falling for college rock or grunge music and really gravitating towards bands like REM, Pear Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies, Green Day and of course Nirvana. Nirvana's raw power and lyrics where mind blowing to a fifteen year old at that time. I had just started playing guitar and learning chords and hearing Kurt play and scream his emotions on each song was simply put - WOW! On day my brother mentioned to me that he had heard a band on Mtv that he thought I would love. All he said was that they were dorky looking guys who played a song about a sweater to some heavy guitar riffs. A few night later he woke me up in the middle of the night so I could see the band that changed my life. Weezer was me, different. I went out the next day and bought the Blue Album and listened to every song. It was loud and powerful, catchy and driven and I couldn't get enough of it. I started listening and reading everything I could about the band. I quickly turned all my friends on to Weezer and it soon became the tape/CD we would listen to when we hung out in our hometown. When Weezer came to Nashville and performed at 328 Performance Hall to promot the Blue Album my friends and I were center stage. That Dog played before Weezer and needless to say it was a great show. During their set they had some problems with the guitarists amp so there was a little down time. To fill this time the lead singer did a little strip tease to the crowds delight and the bands bassist who was very short as I remember started playing the bass line to Only In Dreams and the crowd went bananas. So it was time for Weezer to take the stage. The room of less that five hundred stood in the dark as the anticipation grew. Matt, Pat, and Brian took the stage and of to the side I saw Rivers with what looked like a crutch. Now I knew of his leg problems but the crowd saw it as an ala Willy Wonka style move and it kind of felt that way. Rivers left his crutch and grabbed his stickered up guitar and it was time to rock. Being so close to the stage when that iconic =w= lite up was blinding as they opened with My Name Is Jonas. Hearing the Blue Album live was awesome as they played Say It Ain't So, Buddy Holly, and Undone. At one point the room went dark again with what was either a disco ball or a stargazer that twinkled the entire room as the played Only In Dreams. It quickly became my favorite track and remains my favorite song of all time. I associate it with my brother who turned me on to my favorite band. Weezer closed with Surf Wax America and it was a night I wish I could relive just once. Pinkerton was pure heart for me. After reading interviews with Rivers in Alternative Press it was easy for me to see the connection between the experiences he was having and the songs on the album. I took my soon to be wife to see Weezer during this time as they were touring with No Doubt. The show was on Rivers birthday and Gwen brought out a cake as the crowd sang happy birthday to him. Then the off years hit where Weezer took a break and we didn't know if they were done or not. It was not a good time for Weezer fans. Most music forums had writen them off as finished but sites like Rebel Weezer Alliance and kept us going until early 2000 when word started to leak that the band was back and working on a new album. Fans rejoice as our band was back and in full force. they released The Green Album with hits Hash Pipe and Island In The Sun was everywhere. Even Mary Kate and Ashley got in on the act using it in their movie Holiday in the sun. Every year my parents threw a block party for friends and family with live music. In 2000 my brother and I played some of our favorite songs including Hang from Matchbox Twenty and an acoustic version of Only In Dreams. My brother had been drinking and while no one was looking he snuck away and got a spare set of keys that we didn't know he had. My mother has been with our towns police dept. for almost twenty years so when the chief of police called my parents house at two in the morning it didn't take my mom long to realize what was wrong. My brother had driven off the road and flipped his truck several times before landing upside down in a storage facility. He died instantly. Just a few hours before I was singing with him and he was holding my daughter who was only a few months old and now he was gone. I didn't know how to feel or act. It was like a bad dream I couldn't wake up from. My daughter would never know him and how much he loved her. They only comfort I could find was in music. Weezer returned to Nashville during the touring for the Green Album in 2001 I think and it was somewhat of a healing show for me. The only part of that show I remember is that they played Only In Dreams. I hadn't heard them play it live since that first show back '94. The crowd was bursting with energy but at that moment I thought of my brother who turned me on to Weezer. Without him I don't think I would have found them and became such a huge fan. With them I don't think I could have dealt with my feeling for the lose of my brother. Pinkerton was there when I had girl problems and there always seemed to be a song I could point to during some event in my life. Now with two daughters ages 10 and 7 and a son who's about to be 4 I make sure to let them listen to Weezer and hope they find someone who can have that kind of impact in their lives as Weezer has had on mine. I hope to take them to a Weezer concert and if the B*********/Memories tour comes to Nashville then they might very well be attending with us. I think my life with Weezer will have came full circle if I can take my kids to see a band that I loved when I was only a few years older than my oldest daughter now. I hope to meet Rivers some day to thank him for what he's meant to me. I'm sure there are others out there that have great memories of Weezer and i'd like to hear them and maybe the guys will get on here and read some of our stories. Thank You and sorry for any spelling mistakes lol!

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I hope you paid for those downloads :o

Memories Tour 4 Australia said:
Sorry for your brother.. and cool story. The first time I heard Weezer was on a on a Modern Warfare 2 montage with Only in Dreams in the background..
then I went out and downloaded every single Weezer album just based on how good that one song was.
Wow Keith, I think your story tops anything I can write... I'm kind of a Geezer (29). I was an awkward, dorky 13 year old when the Blue Album came out. The previous year I had played trumpet in the Jr. High band, but had been kicked out (a fun story in itself). My parents were not real happy with me since they wanted all of their kids to be musical. So, in order to appease them, I picked up a classical guitar we had laying around and started playing. Within a few months my classical guitar turned into a Synthsonic electric (single pickup, built in speaker, and if I remember correctly, plastic body, it really really really sucked).

I was really into classic rock from my two older brothers, so I was doing my best at learning licks from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, etc. Sometime shortly after I got my electric, my brothers friend came over with an album we had to hear. Needless to say, before he had left our house I had copied the blue album on to a tape (no CD or mp3 ripping back then). The next day at school I went onto (online guitar archive, the original tab site) and printed off the entire album. I learned, or attempted to learn the entire Blue Album, over the next few months.

The next fall, I started my first band. We weren't very good, but then again, neither was anyone else in the 8th grade. We had some kind of little performance, and we covered "The Sweater Song". I'm sure our vocals were horrible, I'm sure I butchered the solo, but that didn't matter. Over the next few weeks people would come up to me in the halls in school to tell me how awesome my band was. It didn't matter than I was the dorky kid with huge glasses, braces, horrible hair, hand-me-down clothes from my brothers, horrible at sports, etc. I was suddenly a cool kid (something I had never been before).

This probably sounds pretty lame, but Rivers made me proud to be a dork. All of my confidence throughout Jr. High and High School was based on playing the guitar, and Weezer played a huge role in my development as a musician. Because of this, with pretty much every band I've ever played in, regardless of genre, we've always closed our sets with "The Sweater Song".

Fortunately I've grown out of the bad glasses, got rid of the braces, started buying my own clothes, etc. But I'd say the confidence that first performance of "The Sweater Song" put into me, has led me to where I am today (hot wife, two amazing kids, masters degree in marketing, and being the Marketing Director of a software development company). Everyone is welcome to their opinions of Weezer new, and old, and that's fine As for me, I'll always love the band, I'll always buy everything they put out, and I'll always see them whenever they're in town. I have loved a lot of bands over the years, but from a life changing standpoint, I'd say that Weezer is the only one that has had an effect on me.

Thanks Rivers and Co!
I stayed home sick one day from school in November of 1994. I watched MTV's top 20 countdown and Buddy Holly was #2 (When I Come Around was #1), so I got better, and then bought both Blue album and Dookie. Dookie was good, but then I listened to Blue Album, and that's when I was hooked. Listening to the Blue Album while building lego's is an awesome memory.

I then went on to play it for all my friends on the school bus, through middle school, and then to my entire high school via the morning anouncements. Pinkerton got a lot of airplay for once.
I was in High School 1994.

What comes to mind immediately... Pat Wilson, Dogs, Blue Screen, Undone... the rest is history!
Green day and weezer popular at exactly the same time?
gosh, i love buddy holly AND when i come around--geez those are good songs!
wait a sec bro that can't be right, when i come around wasn't released as a single until 1995..

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:
I stayed home sick one day from school in November of 1994. I watched MTV's top 20 countdown and Buddy Holly was #2 (When I Come Around was #1), so I got better, and then bought both Blue album and Dookie. Dookie was good, but then I listened to Blue Album, and that's when I was hooked. Listening to the Blue Album while building lego's is an awesome memory.

I then went on to play it for all my friends on the school bus, through middle school, and then to my entire high school via the morning anouncements. Pinkerton got a lot of airplay for once.
I hadn't read this thread previously. It's interesting to read the about peoples personal experiences. Also interesting to read about the experience of parents/ siblings taste in music influencing ones own.
this is kind of an awesome thread
ur kind of an awesome thread
karl koch [karlophone] said:
this is kind of an awesome thread

I remember being 9 years old and wondering what the heck my brother was singing ALL OF THE TIME! "Watch me unravel... I'll soon be naked!!!!!" -- I thought it sounded kinda funny (even tho I later understood it's kind of a sad song!) and I liked the melody. Then my sister followed in my brothers footsteps and she bought the Blue album. This was when I discovered "Buddy Holly" and "Say it aint So".. I LOVED those two songs. A lot. (Along with Undone)


Well in 1995 I waited until my sister was gone and I got in her dresser drawer and STOLE the Blue album from her. Hahaha! She figured it out within a week but told me that I could keep it because her taste in music was changing to more on the country side.


I still have the blue album somewhere... probably worn out since I played it ALL OF THE TIME. I think it's in a box in my basement. If I ever find it, I'd love to get it signed because it'd lead me to be a fan of nearly 17 years now. :)

My first memory was when i was 10 (im 13 now) and i was sitting in the car with my cousin and we were listening to her ipod and the music video for pork and beans came on. She said, "Ben, this is the best song ever. It says... UNDERWEAR! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" So I listened to it, and when I got home to the first thing I did was download it!
I know I'll feel horrible later on for saying this, but...

...Cool Stories Bros!

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