it was simply great, i bought 12 bottles, 2 dandelion and burdock, 2 cola, lemonade, limeade, 2 mixed fruit, 2 iron bru and of course 2 sarsaparilla. it instantly reminded me of when i was about 5 or 6 walking back up to the shop with my grandad and all the empty bottles.

i'm pretty sure that no one will care that proper pop may be making a comeback. i just wanted to share this


this could be the dawning of sober times for Jordan Edge...............



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I think reef is still around, the clubs I used to work in sold it that was only few years ago.

Also I haven't had alcohol since saturday, pop ftw!!
hooch was like the first alcopop that came out, sort of mid/late 90s. i haven't seen it in pubs for many years. it was pretty good, tho.

Sarah C. Kim said:


are those hooch drinks currently available for purchase in England??

It won't beat a nice bottle of sass

On phone, cut slack

brofessefef said:


1/4 pint of lager, 1/4 pint of cider, a dash of blackcurrant squash and a bottle of tropical Reef.


A local drink that goes by the name of a Rodney.  My mate invented it years ago and nowadays it has a facebook group. 

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