ima newer fan (a year to two years fan) and to say the truth, every weezer album is different in its ways, and everything weezer does is cool. its all different, but i dont care what weezer is making, as long as they're making something, b/c they make great music. one of my favorite parts about weezer is that they always have more to them; u can never know everything weezer has done they've done so much. i mean songs from the black h*** is something very few bands have, an unreleased album. but weezer also has a different unreleased album, the fallen soldiers (before make believe), and no bands have two unreleased albums. so what i think weezer should do is release like a lot of death to false metals, b/c weezer probaly has a ton of great unreleased songs. im less talking about releasing sftbh (b/c most of those songs are released), but just everything weezer after scott shriner joined.

My question is, would u want a death to false metal to sort of become like the alone records?

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lol i like how h*** is censored.
what about SS2K
Or all of the demos after Maladroit. Or Homie. Or the album that was pretty much ready to go in 1998 until Rivers went into his pop structure freakout phase.
The "fallen soldiers" is not an unreleased album, it's in reference to a collection of songs that were finished for Make Believe but didn't make the actual album.
Weezer is far from the only band to have 2 unreleased albums
I think Rivers said he had only enough material for one DTFM, maybe two with a lot of work

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