WHich song is the hardest on drums and which is the easiest?

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Hardest: Know Your Enemy

Easiest: Warning

umm, no.  i just wasted 3:10 of my life listening to that song waiting for some kind of drum solo or something.  the drums in this song are very simple and straight forward.  i haven't played my drums in about 6 months and i could still learn this song in 7 mins tops. 

even if the hardest song on drums was by green day (it definitely is not), this wouldn't be it.

Mr.Walrus said:

Hardest: Know Your Enemy

also, since i'm sure michael grant shelton is talking about the drumming on WEEZER songs i will answer:

hardest - none of them

easiest - all of them

Hardest - Probably Dope Nose for its almost Garibaldi-esque non-2-4 beat on that main riff. Actually Maladroit is probably Pat's most interesting drumming album.

Easiest- Undone? That's one of the first songs I learned to play.

The guy above speaks the truth. 

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