Hi i'm new here, but been a Weezer fan for ages so it's cool. I was just wondering, if anyone has a drum tab (drum not guitar) to '(If you're wondering if I want you to) I want you to'?

Need the tab, not the notation as my drummer hasn't ever bothered to learn to read music properly. We're a new form band so would just like to be able to play a few songs - to get out 'sound' right - before we play our own stuff.

I can't seem to find it on any websites, they have ever Weezer song except that one, and that is one that I would really like to play, as it fits us well I think. A link to a website, a message or an email with an attached file etc would be very much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch in advance :)

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You need a new drummer. And like crackerjack, i have never used drum tabs, I usually listen to the song once or twice then play along with it over and over until i have it down. This should be especially easy with Weezer songs because the drums are usually as simple as they get.

its pretty much just (bass snare bass snare bass-bass snare bass snare) over and over with a hi-hat or ride cymbal accompanying it. im sure he can figure it out without tabs
Thanks for the replies guys, and yes I agree with you both after having listened to that song over and over - I think I could probably play it, and i'm no drummer.

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