talk on chat? It's probably because I annoy him, but he never answers me.

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yes, sometimes.
he never usually answers me.
At least I'm not alone on this one.
He answers my emails. It takes him a little while, but he eventually gets to it. Haven't tried him in chat.
What's his email?.
If he never answers you on chat then you are not a true Weezer fan. Karl will only talk to a true fan.
He chats sometimes. He and Pat were on there the other day talking... rapping, even.
note that she said "if you actually need something." this does not include stupid b******* like asking him how he's doing or when weezer will play in whatever city you live in.

Hugh Lovric said:
What's his email?.
Karl's a busy man, you eager beavers. Give him some space.
I saw somewhere that it's simply, but I never confirmed it. Or you could just try sending him a message on this site.

Hugh Lovric said:
What's his email?.

I had a great conversation with Karl in chat about Gaiman's Sandman series and John Byrne's Fantastic Four run


just sayin'

i chat but i admit not often enough! yes, PM is not the way to get at me, ive got like 150 unread PMs at this point. hard enough to keep up with emails - but i will answer them if i have the answer!

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