Does anyone have a COMPLETE list of all Weezer/Rivers Tracks that did not make it onto albums ?

i know on you can find out some of this information but I have a bunch of songs  b-sides unreleased etc etc but i dont know if im missing any that i should have.....if anyone has a complete list of all their tracks that are out there it would be much appreicated


also if anyone has ne suggestions of unreleased tracks i should definately check out that would be good too.....such as chess which i do not have but have read is a good track

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get alone 1 and 2.
and 3 when it comes out
Thanks yea I have both his cds as well as a bunch of other unreleased stuff ...... Love stuff from pinkerton era but that all seems to be leaking etc at the moment
i suggest listening to tracks you have first before starting threads like this as you obviously don't know what you have. if you did you would realize that 'chess' is on alone I and the sonic quality is fine.

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