Do you think Weezer will ever break up and Rivers goes solo?

I'm amazed that out of all the 90's alt rock bands with the exception of pearl jam (who I think was a grunge bandwagon band sell out), Weezer is like one of the few "big" name artists that didn't disband because a member dies (like Alice n chains or Nirvana), or didn't split up like STP and, Soundgarden (although the garden are back together).  Anyway do you think Weezer would ever break up and Rivers then goes solo?  I highly doubt it because they all seem to get along great and none of them have any major split up the band tendencies such as drug addiction or anything else like that.  Also the other members have their side projects so its not like they would have creative differences.  I just think its interesting to speculate if Rivers was ever to go solo.  When I mean solo the Alone series doesn't count.  I mean an actual solo album of new material non demos.  I wonder if he would stick to the loud distorted guitar weezer sound or do what a lot of frontmen that go solo do and release like a mellow acoustic album?  Interesting to speculate,..,,,,,.,,,

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he was working on a solo pop album. you wouldn't like it.

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