I ordered five WEEZER bootlegs from Cinderblock last summer.  I waited two months for them to be shipped and either they ignored my email inquiries or said all five were on backorder.  I pointed out that they were all listed as "in stock" when I ordered them and continue to be listed as "in stock".  Eventually, cinderblock emailed me that my order might have been  missed because they were moving offices (despite me emailing them constantly for an update).

So the said they'd mail my order (keep in mind that I ordered FIVE concerts).  They shipped the order and informed me that it would only contain three of the five, and that they would refund my money on the two that didn't ship - and then they went and refunded the wrong amount.  I had to hound them with more emails before they corrected their mistake and refunded the full amount....

...and then I got my order and of the three concerts (out of the original five I had ordered and been charged for), only two were the correct shows - THEY SENT THE WRONG CONCERT.  Again I had to hound them with emails, only to be told they would send the correct show.  Keep in mind I ordered these last summer and was billed the full amount!

Well, I spend another month waiting for the correct concert to ship and again, as before, nothing came and I had to email them again and again before getting a response - this time they said that they didn't ship it and would refund me the money - and again, they refunded the wrong amount (just price of CD, not the shipping - which I was charged...yup, charged shipping on a CD that was never shipped).

So, to summarize:

1) After billing me full amount, keep claiming CD were backordered (despite "in-stock" status) until admitted order was lost.

2) shipped only three out of five items I was billed for.

3) Refunded wrong (less) amount.

4) When finally shipped, sent wrong CDs.

5) Said shipping correct one - and it never arrived.

6) Refunded money, but not full amount (AGAIN!)

Hey, order from these guys if you want, but with this many mistakes, I can only guess at how much importance they put on customer satisfaction.  Keep in mind this snafu has been going on since I my original order was made LAST SUMMER!

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Really sorry to hear about that, Spoonman. I too have had some issues with Cinderblock when it comes to the official bootlegs. Hope this situation can be rectified after making this thread. That's been the case for a lot of users around here. But I understand there's no excuse for the sloppiness in which they've handled your order.

you should tell your credit card company and have them get your money back.

can't agree more.  I've had issues with Cinderblock since 2002.  They are god awful.

I want to order more bootlegs, but hesitate because of cinderblock.  I usually wait until I want 3 of them, and then order them.  They seem to do better with fewer QTYs, but still, no excuse.  No excuse at all.  This is what they do, fill internet orders, and they do a horrible job at it, and have sh!t for customer service.

maybe weezer could sell their own?  I'd write a check to karl to avoid the whole credit card thing if need be.

yes, karl wants to start taking personal checks for weezer merch.

I had a similar problem - I bought a bunch of bootlegs that I was never able to download (I just kept getting error messages) - I've never so much as gotten a response from Cinderblock, no refund, no music. I just send them another email every time I think of it but it was about a year ago and still nothing. They really are awful :(

YES I really wish there was another 3rd party that Weezer could use to sell their merch, Cinderblock is terrible. Their shipping rates are just ludicrous; they don't package their items well (posters are nearly always creased)...and I had a similar issue where, though I received all my physical CDs, I could not download my digital copies! This is for an order I made back in October of 2011. I have sent so many emails, and at first they made an attempt to answer but could never sent me proper links (I even got an "Oh we sent an email with the links did you not get them?" BS email); and finally they just dropped communication altogether...I just can't believe a company trying to do business thinks it's ok to just stop answering the customers! I still have yet to get my digital downloads (and it was a lot of them).

I'd like to stop giving them my business completely too but...what can we do if some of the things are only available here?

As someone who is forced to always choose international shipping, I second this. Their shipping prices are ridiculous. I've paid $50 for shipping for The Pinkerton Diaries. So the whole thing cost me $125 + taxes.

Back then I really wanted to have that Raditude photobook. The only reason I didn't buy it was because of their shipping rates. I think it was as much as the book alone costed.

Another thing I was really angry about back then was when I ordered a Bootleg (I think it was San Diego '09) and the CD wasn't burnt right. There were always skips between the songs. Like someone forgot to unckeck the "add silence" option. Pretty stupid for a live CD. I don't know if this is really cindeblocks fault though. I guess they don't make the CDs themselves.

I think the band should just sell them on Bandcamp without any hellp or something like that.

That's a shame.  Weezer should contract liveherenow or themusic to do their live recordings/distributions.

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