Hey guys, I'd love it if you could check out my debut album.


(pretentious cover alert)

http://michaeldermot.bandcamp. com/


I hope you get the vague sense of coherence and story I was going for with this tracklisting. I'm happy to take any constructive criticism about my singing or lyrics.


I understand that a lot of people here might not dig it, but I figured I'd see if it sticks with any of you. Thanks for all your help and support along the way.



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I'll tell all of my buds to check out this album. Soon, everyone in northwest Connecticut will know the name "gohi"

Michael Rowland (NOT GOHI) said:
Aww Farkas, that's cool. I just would love to see this spread around to people who like "this kind of music" (lots of people have said it's good, but they don't like this kind of music...)


I would prefer they knew "Michael Dermot" but.

Conneticut is one of my big demographics I am reaching for! 

Why Connecticut?

was kidding

I really dig the bass in "what we're to scared to see." it reminds me of the music of Earthbound. 
Yeah Jase thought of some great basslines. He's great. I'm sure you'll be hearing him in plenty more albums in the coming years.
Good stuff man. Liking the guitars. You sound like Rooney on Replaced (which is good IMO). Vocals are clear and smooth.
Second Rooney comparison I've received. I should really listen to them. Thanks, Zach.
Oh yeah, Michael. Is there any way I could get a physical copy of the album?
I, too. I listen to more music in my car than on a computer so I'd be able to give it a full listen that way.

Farkas said:
Oh yeah, Michael. Is there any way I could get a physical copy of the album?
Also, I'm my opinion, more vocal harmonies would be a welcome addition to the album. 

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