Hey guys, I'd love it if you could check out my debut album.


(pretentious cover alert)

http://michaeldermot.bandcamp. com/


I hope you get the vague sense of coherence and story I was going for with this tracklisting. I'm happy to take any constructive criticism about my singing or lyrics.


I understand that a lot of people here might not dig it, but I figured I'd see if it sticks with any of you. Thanks for all your help and support along the way.



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Brilliant work, Michael.
Thanks, mayn. :)
If you search in iTunes, the album comes up but it's not yet viewable or downloadable. Any hour/day now.
Just saw this. Dermot is an Irish name which means "Free man." It's my middle name but I figured it would be a decent stage name. There is already a Michael Rowland creating soundscape type music.

Stefan said:
I think it sounds really good. 

But your last name confuses me.
After finally listening to the album in it's entirety, I have a couple this to say. First of all, great job on the record! This album has some genuinely good tunes and some awesome guitar parts. Some songs that stood out at me especially were Hold Me Back, Never Gonna Start, Nova, and Distance Reawakens. The only faults I can find with it are minor and mostly just of personal preference. For example, in some of the songs, the instrumental parts seem to play a little to long before the next section of the song (that was kind of hard to explain, so excuse my awful wording.) Also, it seems that in sections of your songs, you use semi-similar vocal melodies. However, that is not necessarily a BAD thing because it does help contribute to the overall sound of the album. It makes it so none of the songs feel out of place. In conclusion, that was a pretty good album. On listen one, I would have to rate it 8.357/10, although that is very much subject to change. 
I like the instrumental interludes.  Nice touch, actually.
I listened to bits and pieces of a few songs. I liked it. :) 
Good job.
Yes, instrumental interludes. That's what I meant to say. It was like 11:30, cut slack, bros!

If you think my instrumental interludes are long, just listen to prog!! Thanks for the rating, friend.

Sara: Thanks. You'll be happy to know that none of the songs were influenced by weed. ;p


brofessef, you can download it for free on bandcamp if you wish.

Haha awesome! Once I figure out how to work iTunes and my iPhone together I'll go download a copy.
I shall be sure to purchase it and support my fellow weezer fan. 
Aww Farkas, that's cool. I just would love to see this spread around to people who like "this kind of music" (lots of people have said it's good, but they don't like this kind of music...)

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