I love Weezer, but I'm a little irked today.  In effort to support the band, I pre-ordered Hurley through Epitaph like 3 weeks ago.  I went and checked the mailbox today, and guess what... NO FREAKING CD... Yes, I did get a download link last night, I do have all the music, but I really would have liked to have the physical CD in hand today.  The part that bugs me most is that I could have picked up the physical CD at Target or Best Buy on my way to work today, and it would have cost me $4 or $5 less than the pre-order did...

Anyway else have this experience?

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I forget what I ordered...super duper deluxe package with all of the shirts and records and cd's???

Arriving tomorrow.
Ahhh...The Super =W= Bundle....

My history...The big lie of kingsroad merch (epitaph merch)
Good songs !!!
well.............remember how long the raditude stuff took!?
i got mine 7months after ordering it

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