I love Weezer, but I'm a little irked today.  In effort to support the band, I pre-ordered Hurley through Epitaph like 3 weeks ago.  I went and checked the mailbox today, and guess what... NO FREAKING CD... Yes, I did get a download link last night, I do have all the music, but I really would have liked to have the physical CD in hand today.  The part that bugs me most is that I could have picked up the physical CD at Target or Best Buy on my way to work today, and it would have cost me $4 or $5 less than the pre-order did...

Anyway else have this experience?

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I didn't get mine either.
didn't get mine either, even though I payed extra for mailing so I'd have it today :/
I don't think so but I got a free download thing last night via email (which I didn't need) 
nope, hopefully tomorrow
I was going to say "I'm glad to see I'm not the only one," but that wouldn't be nice... Sorry it sucks for all of you as well... I guess this is the last time I pre-order...
i've been putting off listening to anything except "memories" until i get the new album. however, it didn't come today, and i really want to hear these new songs, so i'm using the download until i can get the cd and put it into wma lossless.
My local Target did not have Hurley today. Stupid Target. :(
I completely forgot to pre order...
That's nothing. I pre-ordered a Green Vinyl bundle with shirt and a Deluxe CD bundle with shirt from Europe Epitaph store. Not only have I not received it, but they haven't even received stock of the vinyl so nothing's even ready to ship yet. Also, they don't have the download feature on the Europe shop so I don't even get a code for a download. Including what it says to be up to a week for postage, I probably won't get this 'pre-order' till the end of next week!
Didn't get my preorder on Tuesday as well. A bit irked. Gonna write Epitaph. Hopefully I can get the shipping charge waived.
I preordered mine when it first became an option and knew it would take a long time to ship to Australia, so I just purchased the green vinyl knowing I would by the deluxe cd which I picked up on the 10th from jb hifi and just wait for the vinyl to come which I have been emailed it has been shipped. Also got the download email the other day!
Here's to hoping for today. Green vinyls and Deluxe CDs!

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