It is no seceret to the truth movement that the power of music, being so powerful is infiltrated by the illuminati.  That being said hip hop is their number one messenger of preaching hate and violence.  Is it possible due to Weezer's longevity and coincidentaly ability to still get on mtv (which is dominated by hip hop these days), plus the fact that they have recently dabbled with songs like Can't stop partying; possibly mean they are conected?

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Your loss in the end. I feel that if it was going to happen, better to be aware instead of ignoring it and choosing to believe that our particular "democracy" is perfect and could never fall.

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:

sorry, i'm just not paranoid/ignorant enough to believe this kind of stuff.

Next big thing said:

I don't think it is something we should be joking about Kittens...or even debating over. If you read up on some congressional bills then you will see that it is very possible for our constitution to be suspended. There is an ancient blueprint for the world and its future. Another good reference would be the Georgia guide stones.

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:

yes, i'm sure the "director of FEMA" that you spoke to opened up about all their nefarious plans.
all those trains and death camps, oh noez!

Next big thing said:

I actually know quite a lot about these conspiracies and much, much more. I have actually chit chatted with the director of FEMA believe it or not. People should be scared. Especially in the next year.

Next big thing said:
Tupac? Michael Jackson? soon to be Charlie Sheen.

Gregory Vincent Anderson said:

i heard the illuminati kill anyone that exposes them or whoever they want.

maybe one day a public figure will do something about this group.

michael mac said: oh yeah; there's rivers lover right there. (he crushes on lady gaga and sings her song poker face all the freakin' time. isn't he married now?) and here's what the roc looks like ladies and gents: and just remember: you can't make this stuff up! ;D
Next Best Thing and Greg: I appreciate the support guys. It's nice to know I'm not the only one on here who knows about this stuff. Looks like kittens NWO fodder. Oh, and kittie kat, did I mention, that justin bieber is a little padwan in training?

still got bieber fever? :-D
damn straight.

trainwrecked said:
You think too much!! i got an idea....STOP THINKING AND ENJOY THE DAMN MUSIC!!!!

this thread is being locked as it is contrary to the nwo it has veered off-topic.


the topic of this forum being weezer, in case any of you missed that.



☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:

for starters, i never said that our particular democracy was perfect or incapable of failing.

there are more important things to worry about besides black helicopters and train cars that could someday spirit me away to a death camp in wisconsin. whether or not my name falls on the green list or the red list has no bearing on real life. keep up your irrational fear, though, you must be a treat at parties. i'm quite certain that at this time next year, you and the rest of the nutjobs will be in a tizzy over barack obama canceling the election and declaring himself dictator, JUST LIKE BUSH WAS GOING TO DO IN 2008.

Next big thing said:

Your loss in the end. I feel that if it was going to happen, better to be aware instead of ignoring it and choosing to believe that our particular "democracy" is perfect and could never fall.


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