Did anyone here go to the Hotel Cafe (LA) Acoustic Show on 11/03/02?

From the weezer recording history, there was an acoustic weezer show in 2002 where Rivers, Brian & Scott played a set full of new songs, live.  This eneded up being the last weezer show until Make Believe was released.  Did anyone here go to the show?  It's crazy that there is not a single bootleg of a weezer show with all new songs played live in LA. This is kind of like the "holy grail" of live weezer shows..


11/03/02 Show: acoustic set at The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles:

1. 387 Yahoo
2. 360 Private message
3. 396 Cold glass of water
4. 390 Peace
5. 353 flown away
7. 397 Everybody Wants A Chance To Feel All Alone
8. 368 kings of money (a.k.a. prodigy lover)
9. 395 leave me alone

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show that happened nearly 10 years ago with maybe 150 people in attendance wasn't bootlegged, what is surprising about this?

I was pretty sure I had a bootleg of some of the songs actually..  Or found it, rather.  I didn't know it was rare..


EDIT:  Just checked and I found "Everybody Wants A Chance To Feel All Alone" and "Private Message", but that's it.

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