In an NME article Rivers talks about new songs currently being recorded. Here is the producer's supposed reaction:

"These songs sound totally different from 'Hurley'. That was kind of dark and the new songs sound like you're 16, riding your bicycle to get a Slurpee."

Hurley kind of dark? Errrr... Anyway, not sure about description of the new sounds sounding like hyper active 16 year old songs, especially from someone who thinks Hurley is 'dark'...

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Oh no.
its NME though..............
I don't care. I'm jacked.

I actually enjoyed the past albums. That's right.

Sounds like Raditude x2-XL
Ratitude WAS a great album, it just kills me that it was released by Weezer. I love almost all the songs on it, if it were released by another band it may have got more respect..
Album 10 titles:
-The Brown Album
-Frankie Goes to Hollywood
-Tout Ensemble
-Heavy Mental

Coming November 2010

"Dark" was the wrong word to describe Hurley but I get what he's trying to say. I think his description sounds like Radi2de. I'd be cool with that. Just to piss people off, call it Radi2de. Hehe. I like this idea. I enjoyed Raditude as a fun album. Singing and dancing to it is cool. See, I like that Weezer has a mixture of serious albums like Hurley, Pinkerton, Weezer (2008), etc. and fun like Raditude... Covers a variety of moods and are always quality. Basically, you may not like the style of Raditude, but at least Raditude is done well for its style.

Looking forward to album 9, but hoping for a collection of all the demos and b-sides rerecorded first... For like $200 like ALL of them... Or individual releases like Death to False Metal until they're all released. Also deluxe editions of Weezer (2001) and maybe even a deluxe Weezer (2008), similar to the Weezer 1994 reissue?
I never believe any description coming out of this band. I wouldn't necessarily call Hurley dark. I wouldn't necessarily call Dreamin an "experimental art song." It's all kind of based on your point of view, so who knows what to actually expect.
teenage dirtbag cover on deluxe
Yeah, and half of the songs that eventually make the album more than likely have not even been written yet.
A recorded Teenage Dirtbag cover would be sweet.

Aaron Houtman said:
teenage dirtbag cover on deluxe

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