Anyone headed to Deluna Fest on Friday?

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Nobody? Sad. : (

Well, I haven't been on in a while (hello everybody!), but I wanted to hop on and say that I am So. Freakin. Stoked! for Weezer tomorrow.

If any of you have gone to Deluna in the past, do you know how it's set up? Are we really in the sand the whole time? How close will I be able to get to the stage with a general admission pass?

i didn't like the idea of a festival having no camping


forgive me if i'm wrong but i couldn't find camping facilities on the website...

Yeah, I hear ya. It seems like a ploy to get more people to rent hotel rooms and buy VIP packages.

Fort Pickens is nearby, though, and the rumor is that they may shuttle to and from there and the festival. It's $20/night plus $8 for a car (a week-long permit). It's about three or four miles away and has electricity and showers on the grounds. The last and only time I went camping was 7 years ago, so this should be quite the adventure... Sure beats the round trip to NOLA or paying for a hotel room.

There was some mention of FP by festival goers on the forum, but none officially that I can find. Deluna fest has been really awful about communications. I've e-mailed them twice and called them a handful of times and gotten no response.


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