Weezer returned to the Del Mar race track for the third time in four years for a free concert.  In classic Weezer style, they never fail to do something that makes me say, "I have never seen a band do that before!"  One year, Rivers kicked a soccer ball around the stage and later launched large beach balls into the crowd.  Another time, Rivers made a lap around the area, high fiving fans while singing "Only in Dreams."  This year, Rivers and Scott appeared on stage minutes before the start of the show to apparantly complete their guitar set up.  Rivers wore a hard hat and no glasses.  While the crowd went wild, Rivers didn't acknowledge us (which was fine since he wasn't supposed to be there anyways) and went about his business.  It was very weird and very Weezer.

They finally left the stage and re-emerged moments later to the standard 20th Century Fox music - now Rivers had no hat, but he did wear his trademark glasses and a sweater.  The band led with Jonas and the party was on.  Immediately, a mosh pit formed at center stage which continued for the duration of the show.  While the pit was new to me, the rest of the evening was a classic Weezer show.

There are several things that I love about Weezer concerts.  First, the band has only one agenda - making sure everyone has a good time.  This means playing songs that every Weezer fan knows and loves (without annoying solos or boring story telling).  Second, the fans sing virtually every lyric to every song.  And third, the band is tight.  They are talented musicians and they bring their A game every time I have seen them.

While I would have loved for them to play a B-side or a cover, the setlist covered everything I wanted to hear (and sing, of course).

After 2 hours of sitting, 2 hours of standing and 2 hours of partying/fighting off the mosh pit, I was a bit of a wreck.  As we made our way back to the car (which must have been a mile away), all I could think was, "when can I see Weezer again?"  Here's hoping they manage to make another SoCal stop this fall before the cruise.  If they do, I am so there!!!

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But I like annoying solos and boring stories!! :)  Thanks for the review - sounds like it was a good time!

My thoughts exactly! The concert is like a yummy cupcake... solos like the frosting... and stories like the cherry (or other sweet toping of choice)...mmmm cupcake..... 

Lisa said:

But I like annoying solos and boring stories!! :)  Thanks for the review - sounds like it was a good time!

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