who all has heard it?
i was really looking forward to this but this is just bad, and rivers' vocals sound... not good. 

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its got its good moments. give it a chance.
Dtfm is great. Not as good as Hurley though
I completely disagree. I think DTFM is the best post-Pinkerton Weezer album. You may think I'm crazy, but I almost think it is the new Pinkerton. Funny that these are all studio album rejects (if you want to call them that) over a long period of years and releases, but with the exception of maybe the last track, the cover - it comes across to me as a singular, cohesive album.

I don't write a lot here, but my here's my brief Weezer history. I was a freshman in high school and 13 years old in 1994 when I first heard the Blue album. It was the first week of high school and it was almost like everyone received the album that week along with their freshman orientation crap. We were told about the album from music savy Juniors in a music appreciation class (yeah I was already after the easy credits) and heard Undone on the radio and on MTV. The Blue album was like the high school bible.

When Pinkerton came out I was 16 and a Junior and while I liked El Scorcho the music and concepts really flew over my head at the time. I was one of the ones guilty of dismissing Pinkerton initially (I really think you need to be a certain age or experience to really get it) and by then I was totally into Pearl Jam, Radiohead, etc... Pinkerton made sense to me in college and now it's definitely in top 5 albums.

Now as a 31 year old with a home, wife, two kids, and a horribly boring job - I can relate to the message (yep I think there is one) on DTFM. It hits me perfectly.

So yeah I disagree that it is awful. Give it another shot. I didn't love it on first listen - but after many, I do.
i haven't heard it yet, but i do know that rivers wrote a majority of the songs by himself.. which makes me happy.
pinkertonjunkie said:
i haven't heard it yet, but i do know that rivers wrote a majority of the songs by himself.. which makes me happy.
i know its hard to think exactly the same thing but.....

You guys make me so excited to listen to it tomorrow.
Trampoline is awesome!!
What songs are bad?

CrackerJack said:
you are completely insane. Save Maladroit and hurley, DTFM is by far the best post pink album. It has 2 bad songs, and 8 good ones. get over it.
As much as I hate to say this, but (without a listen) I feel that Death to False Metal will be an average album. Hopefully I am wrong like I was about Hurley, but I really can't say much here since I haven't listened yet.
There are so many better unreleased songs they could have compiled..

The only good songs are "I'm a Robot" and "Trampoline"

Rating: meh
The album is not horrible by any means. Is it as good as Hurley? No, but it's only a couple steps behind it.

After first listen, I could say I really enjoyed Turning up the Radio, IDWYL, BMS, Trampoline, and Unbreak My Heart. The middle was 'eh' for me initially, but after a couple more listens, I can say that I like the album as a whole. Again, Weezer ventures off a bit, but retains their classic sounds in many ways.

If I had to pick my least favorite, it would be Autopilot. It's better than Trainwrecks though, that's for sure.
all you homies who are diss'in weezer are going to be so sad when Rivers is dead.

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