who all has heard it?
i was really looking forward to this but this is just bad, and rivers' vocals sound... not good. 

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Everyone, Trampoline, I'm a Robot, Turnin' Up the Radio and Blowin' My Stack are brilliant. Rest I can take or leave. People saying Odd Couple is great while saying Everyone is stupid/rubbish are mental.
The production is spotty in certain points but all in all I'm happy to have this treasure trove of music.
First Raditude, then Hurley (who was supposed to be a return to Weezer's old formula, i.e. "good songs"), and now Death to False Metal?!... I'm sorry, but I've had enough. I will not spend another dollar on a Weezer album. Ever. I've been a fan since their beginnings, but I don't find their music worth my hard-earned money anymore...
i sure wish i could get my copy in the mail so that i could listen and make some douche comments about this album. seriously. i'm sure its really good
I like every song except "everyone." To me, it sounds like it was a reject from Raditude. And you know that can't be good. Otherwise though, this could really pass as a regular album as opposed to a rarities/ B-side collection.

But given that it IS a rarities and B-side collection, and we just got a new album a month ago, not to mention Pinkertion Deluxe, it's kind of hard to b**** about anything on this record. It's like getting an extra free bag of fries at the drive through, then complaining they are too salty.
Sounds about right. Except Turning Up The Radio isn't that great at all... I'd give that a 3/5

Kezner32 said:
I just finished listening to DTFM. I really like it. Can we all agree that this album features some of the best guitar tones, solos and bridges that other recent releases have sometimes lacked?

Turning Up The Radio [5/5]
The newly mixed and fine-tuned version sounds like it could be a hit. They should push this as a single. With all the love the 80s receives, the song will probably chart simply for nostalgic reasons.

I Don't Want Your Loving [3/5]
The ending to this was fun and unexpected. Its cool to hear a full band version of this song. As fans have said for years, this song's weak point is the somewhat blase lyrics.

Blowin My Stack [3/5]
This features a great melody, guitar solo and an awesome bridge…but the lyrics ruin it a bit. It's gross but I just equate the chorus to "Bustin My Nut, it makes me feel good" haha. However, I listen to melody more than lyrics so I can forgive it.

Losing My Mind [3.5/5]
Kind of like an earlier version of Spider. It's pretty good and has a very low key and somber feel. The back-up vocals sound good and the strings remind me of mid-nineties Oasis.

Everyone [2/5]
This contrasts with the mellow song that precedes it. It's silly but kind of funny. Not really a stand-out track.

I'm A Robot [2.5/5]
Fun, danceable song. Has a mid 60s garage rock feel. The vocal delivery and lyrics could have been given more work. The song doesn't really go anywhere very interesting.

Trampoline [4.5/5]
Melody in the beginning is similar to "Private Message." I really like this song. Sounds like a song from the A5 or Pinkerton period.

The Odd Couple [3.5/5]
Not crazy about the cheesy 80s vibe. But once the chorus kicks in, this song becomes fun. Brian's voice sounds really good with Rivers. Sounds like it could be the B-Side to the Turning Up The Radio single that they should put out!

Autopilot [3/5]
Another 80s sounding song? This one really sounds like Sugar Ray! It trudges along but the synth line is great.

Unbreak My Heart [3/5]
A nice track for novelty reasons but not much interesting going on here. I have been interested in hearing this though ever since we learned about it when Make Believe was released. The guitar tone has that distinct sound from the Make Believe period.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

This album is a lot of fun. These were throw-away tracks but the work that went into polishing up the songs really paid off. I think it has a very interesting and unique sound. Obviously nothing groundbreaking but still catchy and enjoyable.

Now, WTF is with the cover?!
I lol'd at Unbreak My Heart. Props for them for having the balls to cover that song.

GalaxyDuster said:
I agree... it's my favorite on the album. It sounds like total 90's grunge, which is my favorite kind of stuff.
Best of all, though, is this line:

"I want to take you somewhere
I really wanna TAKE YOU
And I want to take you somewhere
And I really WANNA ....... "

I mean, come on, guys. COME ON.

Caelan Register said:
Why is everyone saying that Everyone is no good? I LOVED Everyone, it may even be my favorite song on the album. Either that or Losing My Mind.

The first time I heard "Everyone" I actually did laugh out loud, not at them and the song - but I think with them and the song. I know they paid tribute to Nirvana in Heart Songs off of Red, but Everyone sounds like they are totally making fun of them and their very ambigious lyrics - like "I want to take you somewhere"
I really like DTFM now. I still don't like Everyone. The cover reminds me of Thanksgiving.
I love this album, personally. I mean it does take a few listens to actually get into (and honestly, what Weezer album doesn't?) but it's still a good solid album. It has a wide variety of sound so it's sure to appeal for anyone's taste all around at the end of the day and if you don't like "Everyone", it's almost certain you'll find one song off the album you'll enjoy a heck of a lot. Mine is "I Don't Want Your Loving". :D

And yeah. The album cover is kinda freaky. It looks like the cover to a brochure that Jahova's Witnesses or Mormons would give out. Not that that's anything bad. Those brochures make great coasters.
Every song on this album is great. If it's an album (Rivers said it is, but Karl said it's not), it's best Post-Pinkerton. There are no low points, I can listen all the way through this album easier than any other album in the last decade.

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