who all has heard it?
i was really looking forward to this but this is just bad, and rivers' vocals sound... not good. 

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well i don't like the last song as much as the rest. but, even so, this album is better than hurley.

Hugh Jorgan said:
What's not to like??? It's Weezer baby!!!!!!
I just picked it up tonight, and listened through a few times. I love it!!!

... I mean, did you not hear Everyone? Seriously??? The whole disc is great, but that one just about knocked me out of my chair with its awesomeness.
I loved DTFM so far. There are two songs I don't like, Everyone and Autopilot, but those are undone by the simple fact the album has I Don't Want Your Loving! I loved that acoustic demo, but the full band version is amazing.
Great album, Not as great as Green And Hurley (the best in my opinionor Blue, but still a solid album.
Turning Up the Radio-9/10: An amazing song with a simple and awesome meaning, just down right epic. I always turn it up :)
I Dont want your lovin-6/10: Not a bad song by a long shot...but not a great one either
Blowin my stack-6/10: The lyrics are horrible but that guitar makes it all better
Losing my Mind-10/10: Great song man! Rivers vocals are awesome, the lyrics are sweet, and the instrument rock
Everyone-0/10: A disgrace to all things music...sorry Weezer but its just bad
I am A Robot-7/10: A nice quirky little tune, theres nothing really to dislike lol
Trampoline-10/10: Epic guitar, awesome vocals and a it really makes ya want to burst out into song!
Odd Couple-10/10: Perfect Weezer lyrics, amazing chorus
AutoPilot-8/10: Good song, lyrics are a bit overly silly
Unbreak My Heart: 7/10: I like the original better
America said:
I Dont want your lovin-6/10: Not a bad song by a long shot...but not a great one either
Did you hate the demo too? There's something about catchy acoustic / live versions to full-band conversions that I like. I hated Ash's Meltdown until I started listening to the acoustic live version of the album. Afterward I listened to it again and it was love. I figure that might have happened with this song too, save for the sequence.
Why is everyone saying that Everyone is no good? I LOVED Everyone, it may even be my favorite song on the album. Either that or Losing My Mind.
I had the same reaction. Now I can't stop listening to it. Losing My Mind has grown on me incredibly.

Dan M. said:
The album is not horrible by any means. Is it as good as Hurley? No, but it's only a couple steps behind it.

After first listen, I could say I really enjoyed Turning up the Radio, IDWYL, BMS, Trampoline, and Unbreak My Heart. The middle was 'eh' for me initially, but after a couple more listens, I can say that I like the album as a whole. Again, Weezer ventures off a bit, but retains their classic sounds in many ways.

If I had to pick my least favorite, it would be Autopilot. It's better than Trainwrecks though, that's for sure.
Caelan Register said:
"Why is everyone saying that Everyone is no good? I LOVED Everyone, it may even be my favorite song
on the album."

Maybe it was the fact that the song wasn't catchy, or the lyrics? "Everyone, everyone, everyone, suck a thumb, suck a thumb, suck a thumb, yeah." Also, personally, I liked it better when it was called In The Mall.
Rivers already stated that the album consists of, "songs that didn't make the first seven Weezer records because they were either too weird or too pop or too metal or too punk." So maybe Everyone is the too weird song Rivers mention before...
I love it.

okblueduck said:
I completely disagree. I think DTFM is the best post-Pinkerton Weezer album. You may think I'm crazy, but I almost think it is the new Pinkerton. Funny that these are all studio album rejects (if you want to call them that) over a long period of years and releases, but with the exception of maybe the last track, the cover - it comes across to me as a singular, cohesive album.

I don't write a lot here, but my here's my brief Weezer history. I was a freshman in high school and 13 years old in 1994 when I first heard the Blue album. It was the first week of high school and it was almost like everyone received the album that week along with their freshman orientation crap. We were told about the album from music savy Juniors in a music appreciation class (yeah I was already after the easy credits) and heard Undone on the radio and on MTV. The Blue album was like the high school bible.

When Pinkerton came out I was 16 and a Junior and while I liked El Scorcho the music and concepts really flew over my head at the time. I was one of the ones guilty of dismissing Pinkerton initially (I really think you need to be a certain age or experience to really get it) and by then I was totally into Pearl Jam, Radiohead, etc... Pinkerton made sense to me in college and now it's definitely in top 5 albums.

Now as a 31 year old with a home, wife, two kids, and a horribly boring job - I can relate to the message (yep I think there is one) on DTFM. It hits me perfectly.

So yeah I disagree that it is awful. Give it another shot. I didn't love it on first listen - but after many, I do.
i don't get what you guys are hearing - this is, by far, the biggest disappointment of weezer's career (for me, at least). with raditude i really had no expectations, then comes hurley, and while not necessarily a return to form it was at least a return to better songs. songs i wasn't flat out embarrassed to be listening to.

with this (dtfm)... i'm thinking, okay old songs; gotta be good - i'm thinking, songs from the album 5 demos maybe ss2k, w\e. they have so many great songs that they won't release it's a shame. 30 secs into the 1st song i knew i wasn't going to like this album. i found it generic, stale; it feels flat, vapid. it's the only album i've ever actually gotten pissed off at, over the fact that these songs were the final product that i'd been eagerly anticipating. 2 listenable tracks.

turning up the radio: awful, reminds me of 'put me back together'. boring, utterly generic-radio-pop/rock sounding. i get that it was an "experiment" because fans helped but it doesn't make it good.
i don't want your loving: only song i recognized. feels rushed but i do like it.. in retrospect of having listened to the album this might as well be mozart. the solo, however, i love but it ends too fast.
blowing my stack: i keep seeing a lot of love for which i'll never understand. i hate this song. terrible.
losing my mind: boring, forgettable. skip
everyone: catchy riff that becomes a long bore. reminiscent of something nirvana-ish. throwaway.
i'm a robot: god almighty..
trampoline: finally. i like this song a lot, it feels unfinished or rather lacks something, but this is a breath of fresh air. feels like the 90s.
odd couple: teeters between awful and somewhat listenable.
autopilot: kill me.
unbreak my heart: i can't even listen to this.

this is just my opinion, i'm not trying to piss someone off or start something, but i just hate this album.
I agree... it's my favorite on the album. It sounds like total 90's grunge, which is my favorite kind of stuff.
Best of all, though, is this line:

"I want to take you somewhere
I really wanna TAKE YOU
And I want to take you somewhere
And I really WANNA ....... "

I mean, come on, guys. COME ON.

Caelan Register said:
Why is everyone saying that Everyone is no good? I LOVED Everyone, it may even be my favorite song on the album. Either that or Losing My Mind.

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