So I heard some of these games might have been done...........but let's start with an album that probably hasn't been done yet. 


Rules: Vote off your least favorite songs out of the ones that are left. Only 1 song will get eliminated each round (with the most votes). Every member should vote off 2 songs until it gets down to 5 songs remaining...........when each person will just get 1 vote in each of the remaining rounds.............until we have a winner

01. "Turning Up the Radio" (2nd PLACE )
02. "I Don't Want Your Loving" (3rd PLACE )
03. "Blowin' My Stack" (WINNER!!!  )
04. "Losing My Mind" (eliminated round 5)
05. "Everyone" (eliminated round 3)
06. "I'm a Robot" (eliminated round 4)
07. "Trampoline" (eliminated round 6)
08. "The Odd Couple" (eliminated round 7)
09. "Autopilot" (eliminated round 1)
10. "Unbreak My Heart" (eliminated round 2)


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Final for who we want to WIN


Blowin My Stack

Blowin My Stack
Blowin My Stack
Blowin' My Stack
Blowin' My Stack
Blowin' My stack
Blowin' My Stack
I know this won't help but , Turning up the radio >./body>
Blowin' My Stack
Blowin' my stack

We have a winner!!!  I thought this would be a close vote but Blowin' My Stack ran away with it.  Congrats to a great song.  It moves on to face the other 8 album winners as we will continue to play one album at a time. It will be interesting to see how far it lasts in that Ultimate Weezer Survivor game. Thanks to everyone who played!  Let's hope to get even more votes in future games.


Blowin' My Stack ( WINNER!!! )

Turning Up the Radio  (2ND PLACE )

I Don't Want Your Loving (3RD PLACE )

Odd Couple (Eliminated Round 7)
Trampoline (Eliminated Round 6)
Losing My Mind  (Eliminated Round 5)
I'm a Robot (Eliminated Round 4)
Everyone  (Eliminated Round 3)
Un-Break My Heart (Eliminated Round 2)
Autopilot   (Eliminated Round 1)




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