So I heard some of these games might have been done...........but let's start with an album that probably hasn't been done yet. 


Rules: Vote off your least favorite songs out of the ones that are left. Only 1 song will get eliminated each round (with the most votes). Every member should vote off 2 songs until it gets down to 5 songs remaining...........when each person will just get 1 vote in each of the remaining rounds.............until we have a winner

01. "Turning Up the Radio" (2nd PLACE )
02. "I Don't Want Your Loving" (3rd PLACE )
03. "Blowin' My Stack" (WINNER!!!  )
04. "Losing My Mind" (eliminated round 5)
05. "Everyone" (eliminated round 3)
06. "I'm a Robot" (eliminated round 4)
07. "Trampoline" (eliminated round 6)
08. "The Odd Couple" (eliminated round 7)
09. "Autopilot" (eliminated round 1)
10. "Unbreak My Heart" (eliminated round 2)


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Well, if anyone's in the right mind, the top 2 should be Turning Up the Radio vs. Blowin' My Stack
I agree with you Humpty Dumpty.
The Odd Couple.


Odd Couple.
I planned on ending this round now.......but there are 2 songs that are tied. Trampoline and Odd Couple with 6 votes each.   So we need someone who hasn't voted yet this round to break the tie.

The tie was broken and Trampoline is gone.  Let's move on to round 7

1. Turning Up the Radio

2. I Don't Want Your Loving

3. Blowin' My Stack
8. Odd Couple
Trampoline (Eliminated Round 6)
Losing My Mind  (Eliminated Round 5)
I'm a Robot (Eliminated Round 4)
Everyone  (Eliminated Round 3)
Un-Break My Heart (Eliminated Round 2)
Autopilot   (Eliminated Round 1)


Round 7:


I Don't Want Your Loving

Odd Couple
Odd Couple

I Don't Want Your Loving is pretty damn awesome, aside from the throwaway chorus.

Odd Couple is my vote.


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