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I don't wan't your loving sounds well, well better. Everyone is heeeeavy! Fallen Soldiers sounds as boring as expected for Make Believe cast offs. Thinking Tampoline might be my most anticipated, followed by Autopilot.
You sir deserve a medal for being first to discover this. I wonder who is singing along with Rivers on the Turnin track, is that Taylor R2D2 or Crunchy?
Everyone involved in the write a sawng should be proud, you guys did great and the song sounds very cool.
Is this album oficially album 9 then?
does this mean the album will leak soon? probably will, prob will know the other albums did
Let the good times rooooooll....

Ah, thanks for finding this! :D
that's me singing backups! :)
Thought So! :)

Taylor Morden said:
that's me singing backups! :)
Rivers says that he considers it Album 9, so I guess that makes it official.

Indiekid said:
Is this album oficially album 9 then?
It's weird because they aren't up on the US

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