I can't believe no one has asked this yet. How come the album is being promoted
as songs from 1993-2008 and nothing on the track list i've seen so far seems to
from before the hiatus in '97? Unless the song Odd Couple is really old...

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i've wondered this as well, but i've heard there is a good chance that international versions will have bonus songs. maybe some of those bonus songs will be from older eras??
it's cause weezer is trying to trick those "Fans" that are only fans of blue album and pinkerton into buying this new album if they think theres 1 or 2 songs pre pinkerton on there.
Any new information on this? I feel like it's blatant false advertising.

heres the japanese version! 2 Bonus Tracks
Odd Couple and Autopilot are from 2008.
Yellow Camaro is from 2002.
Everyone and Trampoline are from 1998.
Turning Up the Radio is from Write a sawng.
I Don't Want Your Loving, Blowin' My Stack, I'm a Robot, Losing my Mind all from make believe.
Unbreak my heart is a cover, also considered for Make Believe, (replaced by Haunt You Every Day)
Outta Here also a fallen soldier from MB.
Right, so to reinstate my point there is no songs from the pinkerton era or before. Which I guess makes sense considering all the pinkerton and blue album left overs have already been issued on their respective deluxe reissuses. Just a little bit of a let down for me I guess.
this sucks. i wish they were having bonus track for the u.s. release. even if it meant charging us a deluxe price. lucky japs. the only reason i havent preordered is because i was holding out for info on possible bonus tracks for the u.s. oh well.

Thorsten Kauf said:

heres the japanese version! 2 Bonus Tracks
were still gunna end up hearing the songs. Besides even if we didn't Yellow Camaro is well Yellow Camaro.

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