@weezer just tweeted: Preview Death to False Metal in its entirety on MOG - http://bit.ly/bE8k4z let us know what you think!

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Yeaaaaah!!! Wanananananananana!
If only I could get to that sight from work. Ho hum, have to wait until later.
i've been waiting to hear the whole thing together, and not in pieces. today is the day. BRING IT
It sounds awesome! I really like the crunchy Nirvana Esque "Everyone". So f***** awesome! Thanks for helping the work day flow a little better. I'm an editor for the show "Glee" and I get so tired of listening to Musical versions of s***! Thank you weezer!
Eh you have to sign up for this thing and enter payment options and cancel later? Forget that. I hate that kind of stuff. Even if it is a free trial.
I don't know why they had to "pop-up" IDWYL?
DTFM should be renamed "I Need to Pay my Bills"
On youtube yet?
Mog doesn't play on ipad though. I think it's all flash based.

is this streaming anywhere besides that site? that site only works in the states.

Shredder said:
Mog doesn't play on ipad though. I think it's all flash based.

There is an iPod/iPhone app that will work on the iPad for MOG.com, that includes a one-click 7-day trial without registering.
You can download it A6 people

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