I am an "oldie" Wezzer fan from the beiginning.
While I still go out and buy every record they come out with, I have the same old story: Pinkerton is my everything, and all albums since Maladroit have drifted further and further away from the Weezer I loved, but.....
I have to say that after a few listens Death to False Metal is really refreshing! It's ironic that a collection of "leftover" songs actually sounds more like the Weezer i fell in love with all those years ago..
The bottom line is it is all a matter of taste. I like MY Weezer to sound like an actual band, playing an actual song rather than the overproduced Weezer of late. DTFM really surprised me and I am a very happy Weezer fan today.
I want more of this Weezer and less of (Raditude, Hurley) Weezer.

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I completely agree with you - everything you said
i think that if this album didn't have weird little things, it would be heading into amazing territory.

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