Frist I would like to say that the cover is creepy.Second I like the alumb name :).I like the songs.What your take on Death to false metal? 

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It's got some great tracks like "I Don't Want Your Loving", "Blowin' My Stack", "Everyone", "Trampoline" and "The Odd Couple".  "Autopilot" is alright too.

"Turnin' Up the Radio" and "Unbreak My Heart" are pretty good tracks, but are more b-side material than album material.


I really dislike "I'm a Robot" though.  It sounds like a kid;s song.  If it was intended for a kid's song, it'd be ok, but I think the Vodka reference rules that out.

I think there should just be a box set of all the demos.  I'd drop a couple hundred dollars for it if it were packaged nicely and COMPLETE. 

At least Rivers made the right decision by not putting on any proper albums.

It lacks the substance of any other Weezer album, including Raditude.

Most of the songs are average at best.
Turning Up The Radio, Trampoline and Autopilot are alright and would be the 'stand-outs'.
DTFM is pretty good. Maybe its because I've missed solos, but DTFM sounds more like Weezer to me then Red Standard and Rad Standard. Its not perfect, but I enjoy it. It fits solidly near the middle of Weezer's discography for me.
Turning Up The Radio is awesome. Pretty good album overall.
Trampoline is fantastic.
It's by far my favourite Weezer alumb.
yeah to me its just another solid Weezer album, in fact i think every song but 'everyone' is quiet the gem, and it settles nicely between those Weezer albums that are OMGFANTASTIC and not so much (looks at you maladroit and pinkerton)

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