Frist I would like to say that the cover is creepy.Second I like the alumb name :).I like the songs.What your take on Death to false metal? 

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*first *album *(What) is *False *Metal *all those punctuation errors.
great album

I was disappointed with Death To False Metal. After seeing videos of songs like So Low and We Go Together and all the great bonus tracks on Red and Raditude, I would have assumed that an outtakes album would have been amazing. But most of the songs, I feel, were left off of the albums for good reason. The only songs I really like are Blowin' My Stack and Losing My Mind. Everything else feels like a bit of a mishmash.


I still think that there's some amazing material in the Weezer vaults, but I don't think Death To False Metal has it.

I think it's awesome.
I thought it was okay. I'm glad I bought the iTunes edition because it has Mykel and Carli on it. Thought the cover was awesome, creepy but awesome.
DTFM sucks
no no, it doesn't suck, and i think "suck" is a little agressive d*** weed, so from hear on out use nice words and if you don't like something state your opinion but don't be a douche

I really liked DTFM. Favorite songs (in no particular order): I Don't Want Your Loving, Everyone, Odd Couple.


Really, how could anyone not like Everyone? That's some ol' skool grunge right there.

DTFM is better than Pinkerton. 'nuff said.
DTFM is a pretty great record. Very polished and clean sending for a compilation of unreleased songs.
I like "Turning Up The Radio" "Blowin' My Stack" "Losing My Mind" "Everyone" and oddly "Unbreak My Heart". 
Glad "turning up the radio" got released. One of the best weezer songs written in the last 4 7/19 years. The other songs were pretty good too.
Maybe they don't like "ol' skool grunge?" Or better yet, maybe they think the song is under-developed and repetitive?

GalaxyDuster said:

Really, how could anyone not like Everyone? That's some ol' skool grunge right there.

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