I just got Weezers new album Death to False Metal, i think that its pretty good. I mean its not as good as the Blue album but its still some sick tunage. The prob is that my freind said they sold out on this album. I think thats BS i mean Weezer is a solid sound. They write what they want and what they feel witch is what i respect about them, their not just another corpoate tool. But i have heard some stuff about the new album so i want to know what your opinions are, i wana know what the real fans think.

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sorry, I'm a fake fan, you don't want to hear my opinions on this
I didnt mean it like that, dont take it offensivly. i apologize if i did offend you

sorry, I'm a fake fan, you don't want to hear my opinions on this
I don't like "autopilot". That is the only downside of the album. I agree that the riffs in it are very solid, especially in "everyone". That song, to me, is a middle finger to every band that sing about nothing and sell more records than weezer, and it says "yeah we can write the most simplistic lyrics ever and still be better than Nickleback."
I love Death to False Metal, in particular the 2nd half of the album.

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