Dear Weezer & Co.,

I love you all; but please to use a new promo pic. The madness has to stop. No more future concert promo posters/banners can be printed using said promo pic.

Lest there should be any confusion, I am speaking of this:

It had a good run, now let's put it to rest.

I think at the very least, the current site banner pic would be a nice replacement. (please)

Lots of love and =w= butterflies,


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 I agree.


oh yah!


isn't this a raditude era picture?  anyways i totally agree- that pic is pretty played out.

Let's get a picture of them in the mall this fall!

by sneaking into the emergency hall? ;)

OnlyinPinkerton said:

Let's get a picture of them in the mall this fall!

I think a shot of them at the end of a concert; or those times when all four of them have clamored onto the kit to play would be cool choices. Karl's got to have a ton of of those and I'm sure at *least* one would be usable.

So tired of this. It's been 4 years. Crazy.

I think they need to do a new album complete with new promo pics and then advertise said album with various new promotional images that should don magazines, websites, tv, etc. and begin thus a new era of Weezer-dom.

I agree, I really do not like this picture.

Hmmmmm! It looks like the promo pic on the Weezer Ticketmaster page has just changed; right when these new show date announcements were made?!

Coincidence? It's from 2010 but it's a different pic at least!!! lol baby steps...

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