stop touring the US, you have fans in other countries/provinces or w/e.

xoxo D***.

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Have a show in Puerto Rico! They've never been here =(. The Killers, AC DC and others did and they were awesome, so Weezer you must come too! :D.

Dear Weezer! I don't know how it could be happened, but at my country, your music is a very unknown. Did you know some Statistical data, where is your biggest fans in Europe, or give some tip , who can i do a popularity for your music. I think the communication channel was bad, but if you put into the public consciousness - of course at my country - there will be a lots of new followers....     Thank God, in my friends nails i spread yours music, and it has very success....

So i want to say thank you, because what are you represented by its very important for me, One of my best day in my life, it was that day, when i found you, and your will be my heart foreva. Thanks guys!!!!!

Lots of love: Sanyi, from Hungary, Europe

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