I don't suppose it would be possible if you could put bootlegs from the Vermont show in 2010 where Mikey played "Hash Pipe" and the Weezer/ Flaming Lips show in July where Mikey played on "Undone" on the Weezer online store? and sorry if this was a silly question.

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NOT SILLY!  it'd be awesome if they put those up!
still waiting for Seattle Bootleg too :p

I guess it all depends on if they recorded this show. Hope you get a response, Hugh. This would be cool. Tbh, I think the 2010 hash pipe is something that should be released free.

But what would be cool would be a soundboard 2001 show with Mikey still in the band. If they released that and had the proceeds go to a cool charity that Mikey would support that would be cool.

That's a great idea and I would also like there to be bootlegs from other tours for example the Vans Warped Tour etc.

I don't know that Karl gets to decide what bootlegs go up, but I'm sure if enough people request it he'll pass the idea onwards.

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