An actual super-serious post (as opposed to my usual drunk ramblings and insults).

Basically, I'll be moving away for the next academic year (starting in September) for University. I'll be moving to Northampton (Don't judge me, it was either Gateshead, Sunderland, Hull or Northampton..).

Gotta admit, it's becoming a daunting prospect. As I said, I'll only be there for one academic year (finishing off my Bachelors Degree in music), but I'll be 300 miles away from anybody that I know and, well... let's just say my social skills leave much to be desired.

I've asked the people who I know that have moved away for Uni about their experiences, some good, some bad. One says that it was the best couple of years that they had, and another says they've become more lonely and depressed than ever before. So it's a mixed bag and I'm not sure what to expect.

Just posting this here to ask what you guys think about moving away for Uni/moving away in general, maybe some experiences. I'll take any advice too because I'm absolutely clueless.

Oh, and for those that don't know who I am

  • I'm Blurkom
  • I'm 20, male
  • Enjoys long romantic walks on the beaches

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"So it's a mixed bag and I'm not sure what to expect."

Lol I'm such a f****** f***** sometimes

well, i moved away about 300 miles for uni once...and it was some of the best times of my life.  dont be nervous about talking to people and introducing yourself...they want new friends just the same as you do.  even after i graduated my 4th year, i stayed up there for another year.  it will be good times. 

now, i have done the same thing again...but instead of 300 is more like 10,000 miles.  it is turning out to be great so far; i have met a ton of people and all i need to do to make a new friend is to introduce myself.  everyone else feels just as socially awkward as you do (at least in the group of new students) so feel free to just talk to a random person.  they (probably) wont think you are some weirdo, because they know you are new to the area and want to make new friends.

so ill say go for it and dont will have a blast.  just meet as many people as you can

Gah, it feels like a long time ago! I didn't move quite as far, just a bit over 150 miles away. Honestly, for at least the first few weeks I was completely depressed. It is something that quite different to get used to, especially if you tend to be introvert like me. It was much harder because I did not feel like I belong anywhere (because everyone else picked to go to universities with their omgbestfriendsforever).

Luigi is very right though. Everyone else there is going to be just as nervous and anxious to make new friends as you are. Once I actually got settled down, I had a blast. If you have time to, I would definitely recommend you to join any extracurricular clubs. That way you'd already have a set of potential friends because y'all have at least one of the same interests.

Or just even be random and spontaneous and talk to someone that looks friendly (or not friendly, whatever you're into). I met my best friend because he needed a place to sit for lunch so I offered the chair next to me and we started talking. Plus, if they end up being a b****, there's hundreds of more people on campus and likely enough you'd rarely ever see them again.

Congratulations on being accepted! It is what you make of it. 
Have fun!! ^_^ 

Thanks a lot for your posts.

Just a few small problems I guess...

1) I'm moving in to a house with 5 other people who've known each other for 2 years and they're all local (they'll never understand my accent haha).

2) We don't really have extracurricular clubs here. England is far too repressed for that. Well at least that's how it is in my home-town. For instance, if I want to read, there's only one library in town and it's god-awful. It's a huge place and it had a decent renovation the other year, but at best it'll have two 50 year old house-wives searching for 50 Shades of Grey... hmm. Not much a sporty guy either. Unless you count playing Football Manager as sport..

The real reason I'm posting this is because I don't want to fall in to the same habits I have done here. There's nothing that interests me in my home-town, I don't have many friends (well, i do, but they've moved away to different colleges/universities around the country or are too busy with jobs etc.) and so I find myself drinking A LOT. I'm guessing alcoholism isn't a extra-curricular activity :/

I'm not trying to be a negative b****... just feeling worried about moving away.

Ahh! I see your dilemma! 

1.) So you don't know quite know the people you're moving in with? If anything, that's definitely a start. You'd meet them, they'd invite their friends over, and the list goes on. As hard and as inviting as it is to stay in your bedroom, try just doing stuff in the living room like playing a video game or reading a book (for leisure). It's bound that one of them would take interest on one of those particular activities. If you make yourself available, it'll happen. :) 

2.) Ohhh, really? Hmm. You can be like Rivers and stay in the cafeteria the whole time. Now that I think about it, I think I was in the cafeteria for a huge chunk of my time also, even just to study. People watching FTW. 
Anyways, those two 50 year old house wives may be a benefit for you~ :x

Your worries are completely normal. It is something that is new and different, so it is a bit scary at first. If you really think about it, you probably won't be in the same situation you're in now. University tends to be a lot busier, so you'd usually always have something to do or even be ahead on. You may not really be able to drink because you happen you have an essay to write or an exam the following week. 

If you're feeling any troubles/lonely up there, feel free to message me. I've been there done that, got into my fair share of drinking troubles amongst other things. I have no problem listening or giving advice on any experiences I've had. :)

I didn't know you were 20 or a music major. What in music are you studying?

not knowing anybody in your house (or the whole area) is a definite plus.  otherwise you would cling to the few people you already know and miss out out tons of opportunities to meet new interesting people.  it is easier to make new friends when you are out of your comfort zone.  in your comfort zone you are, well...comfortable, so you would make less of an effort to change things.  it will be easier than you might think.

as far as the extracurricular clubs....that could be a good excuse to do something.  for example:  when talking with very hot girl say something along the lines of "it is a shame this uni has no extracurriculars, im getting so bored" and she says "i know its lame, youd think a uni would organize something for us to do" and you say "well, maybe we could (insert fun activity) this weekend!" and she would say "id rather just go to bed with you because i find you irresistible!!!"

aww yeee

here's a treat for you guys

Nothing like two 50 year old housewives and a girl that you starting a "club" with to do that to you. ;D

i know right.

i'm just gonna carry on what i'm doing now.

Go to Karaoke nights and sing "You Can Call me Al". Most people won't know what the f*** I'm talking about. But most people suck donkey c***.

I plan to spend next year so drunk I cant feel feelings any more.

i suppose that is another option.

Dr. Barack Lurkom, PhD said:

I plan to spend next year so drunk I cant feel feelings any more.

i don't remember this


Dr. Barack Lurkom, PhD said:

i know right.

i'm just gonna carry on what i'm doing now.

Go to Karaoke nights and sing "You Can Call me Al". Most people won't know what the f*** I'm talking about. But most people suck donkey c***.

I plan to spend next year so drunk I cant feel feelings any more.

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