There seems to be a lot of criticism regarding weezer getting too mainstream or too commercial, so on the flip side of this, what do you think is Weezer's darkest song?


First thought is for Across the Sea - amazing song but I remember feeling pretty shocked when I first heard the lyrics about thinking about how an 18 year old girl touches herself. No One Else has to be up there too.


Less obvious but for some reason I always come back to Space Rock. Written during some of Rivers' toughest times, IMO easily the worst song on any of the albums, with lyrics seemingly aimed at the people on the old =w= boards.


Hello by the way :)

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I 2nd this.

Supes said:
Butterfly gets my vote for this thread.
I know that technically this isn't a Weezer song, but The World We Love So Much on Alone also gives me shivers  
Across The Sea is definitely pretty lonesome and sad, but the pure pain of Tired of Sex and The Good Life are also pretty dark.
All of Pinkerton. Best album ever from Weezer and one of the best albums ever.

Cold DARK World. yuk yuk yuk


IDK, prolly Slob.



The Angel and The One always seemed kind of dark to me. I always feel kind of sad when I hear it. But yet I love it.
I would have to say that the darkest weezer song is between tragic girl and I would say slob. The thing is I don't think slob is near as emotional as tragic girl. Weezer just doesn't go that dark.
I'm going to go with Slob.
Butterfly or Pig



Darkest weezer song is 'Under dogs'.............haha depends how you want to perceive "dark".
Tired of sex, slave , Lover in the snow and perhaps lulliby for wayne?
Only In Dreams, beautiful and dark

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