Ahoy, fellow cruisers, past and future!  Seeking cruise tips/advice. I'm a first time weezer cruiser - what should I know?  What should I pack?  How much fun will I have?

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awesome   thanks!

Louisa aka Weezie said:

I love to cruise but I get seasick, and these things have worked for me -- they are called Sea Bands and they are these accupressure wristbands you wear (no medications). I swear it works: http://www.sea-band.com/

I also pack Dramamine just in case, but you can usually get free pills in the ship's medical clinic. Ginger ale also helps if you are a bit queasy. I've been on dozens of cruises and I've only gotten super seasick twice. Usually you adjust after the first day and you'll be fine! Happy sailing!!!

You guys rock, thanks for the great tips and resources! Any tips for capturing twitter accounts, FB info etc? Should I carry a little notebook everywhere? OOH! Weezer Cruise Autograph Book!

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