Ahoy, fellow cruisers, past and future!  Seeking cruise tips/advice. I'm a first time weezer cruiser - what should I know?  What should I pack?  How much fun will I have?

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1) HAND SANITIZER - Use it after touching the buffet tongs and before eating.  If you get sick, you'll miss Weezer things(!) and stranger things than you could ever have imagined might happen with your eyes on the flight home, causing you never again to travel without…

2) VISINE!!!


1) Leave some TIME OFF between coming home and going back to work if you can.  All you'll want to do is talk about the cruise with the only people who will really get it.  When you're in that state, the world is better off without you being responsible for anything.  (And yes, you could be sick.)

2) Use the LOTION in your room and take some home.  Later the scent will take you right back to the cruise.  (Tip your room steward in cookies and you might get a year's supply of lotion!) 

There's no way to prepare for all the good things that will happen.  If you're the type who needs to reflect right after the fact, you might need some time-outs in your room to attempt to unblow your mind and cry over the dreams of a girl in her room listening to Pinkerton coming true (or your version of that).  Truth is, though, you won't ever be able to wrap your head around it all.  See you there!  

  • bring your own condoms
  • stay hydrated
  • find creative ways to sneak alcohol on board
  • bring a sweater, it can get cold and windy at 4 am on the pool deck

eat some blue waffles

Great tips, thank you!  I'm so excited!! 

I'm so excited!!!! The next 6 months will drag....but it's kind of good as well because I need to continue to save $$$! 
Do you think you'll do anything on the islands when we get there?

Lucy Morrison said:

Do you think you'll do anything on the islands when we get there?

I think last time at some point the cruise company released some options for excursions and activities at the ports. I'll have to check that out. My natural inclination is to chill on a beach somewhere, but I'd be open to other ideas. :) What about you?

Yeah I love a chill on the beach, wouldn't mind a snorkel though! That'd be really cool :)

I'm an avid cruiser and I love the Cruise Critic website (just Google it). They have LOTS of tips for first-time cruisers and veteran cruisers, including packing lists, ship reviews and profiles, etc.

Louisa Moore said:

I'm an avid cruiser and I love the Cruise Critic website (just Google it). They have LOTS of tips for first-time cruisers and veteran cruisers, including packing lists, ship reviews and profiles, etc.

Thanks, Louisa! I'm not just a first-time weezer cruiser but a first time cruiser in general so this will be helpful. Appreciate the tip.

Hello to All,

I have been on a few cruises in the past and was on the weezer cruise in 2012. Here are some thoughts to help people prepare:

One thing you will want to do is somewhat plan your cruise. I mean that in the sense of knowing what events you want to go to, shows you want to see, excursions etc. Sometime before the cruise, the company doing it will release the schedule. So much is going on every day that it helps to have a plan of what/if you want to do excursions at the ports or which shows you want to see. There is always more than 1 thing going on at the same time, so you will have to make some decisions on what concerts are more important and what events you want to do more. I am talking about the non weezer shows. Of course, everyone is going to see weezer in concert as much as they can. If you are a drinker/partier, don't plan an excursion for 8am in the morning the next day or you will regret it. Last time, I slept right through my cozumel excursion and missed the whole thing and lost my money.

Be friendly and talk to people. I met one of my best friends on the weezer cruise last time. There are so many people from all over the world and everyone is happy and friendly, so you should try and make friends. It is always more fun to meet some new people and have some fun with them along with who you go with.

Try to experience everything the boat has to offer. Check out the different bars in the ship, check out the casino, the different places to eat, etc. If you can, get to jacksonville on wednesday. There is too much at stake on thursday for your plane to be delayed or weather to give you problems. If you can get into FL on wednesday, you are guaranteed to be on the ship in time. The boat will not wait for you. I understand it means you need to spend money on a hotel the night before (this was more fun last time since we were in Miami) but you already are spending so much on the trip that a little more to get in the night before won't hurt you. Last time, they had a get together for the people that were in town the night before the cruise. i didn't go, but it was an event for people to meet up beforehand.

One of the more important things you can do is listen to the different bands before you go on the cruise. Check them all out on itunes and then download some songs/albums of bands you like. That way, the concerts of those bands will be more fun because you will be familiar with them and it will help you decide what concerts you want to see while on the boat. Remember, a few concerts can be going on at once, as well as activities, so you must choose what you want to do most. 2 bands that were on the cruise last time are now 2 of my favorite bands (sleeper agent and free energy). Luckily I listened to their music beforehand and I knew I wanted to see them live or I may have missed them. I have already started listening to some of the bands for this cruise and I can already say I want to see the Cribs and Palma Violets.

The excursions will probably come out through the company running the cruise, but, usually, you can check them out through carnival as well. The excursions will be the same since carnival is really the ones doing the excursions. There will be tons of different ones for different tastes. These can be booked before or during the cruise. If you wait and book during the cruise, it is very possible the one you want could be full.

Before the cruise, it is smart to take some vitamins for the few days before to build up your immune system and deter any threats of catching a cold/flu before you leave. There is nothing worse than being sick on a cruise. I like taking airborne or emergency for a few days before.

Photocopy your passport and keep it in your luggage. Just in case you lose yours or the boat loses it, then you can have a better chance of getting it squared away with that as a backup.

Expect to have the time of your life. This is an amazing trip and will go by too fast once you are on the boat.

Great tips....

I've never been on a cruise and I was wondering about how one should prepare themselves so they don't get seasick...I don't wanna be all 

I love to cruise but I get seasick, and these things have worked for me -- they are called Sea Bands and they are these accupressure wristbands you wear (no medications). I swear it works: http://www.sea-band.com/

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