After 8 months, my band just put out this album, and we'd like the next one to be 1000x better, so we want to know what you loved and what you hated about this one. Thanks!

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for the record he hasn't expressed the opinion that he will get better. you like to try to speak for other people.

and i do think my opinion is more valuable than his opinion. still not seeing the problem here...


Artists love to create. Critics love to destroy.

i'm glad you decided to stop cluttering this website with petty bickering.

i think biebs is so bored, he invented himself a new arch-nemesis.

lolz. as an artist, i do love to create.

Good lord. This bickering must end, all I wished for was some constructive feedback on this album. 
Yes it was 8 months of hard hard work for me, an 18 year old dude with no money and a lot of instruments and friends who like to rap. I wish to continue to hone in my skills and become a better artist. That being said you can hate my album, love my album, I do not care, but please be respectful, if not of me, then at least the other people in this discussion. 

Thank you. 

i think he's talking to you, indierocks.

my opinions:

1) women have the right to do what they want with their own body

2) conservation is a selfish is only in place so humans can see the pretty animals.  biodiversity is not as important as we think it is.  how many species are on the Great Barrier Reef: ~2000, Indonesia: ~2200+, Red Sea: ~250.  Is the Red Sea less ecologically successful than the GBR or Indonesia? No, they just happen to have more species.  How many species are necessary for the important ecological processes on a marine reef? 

removal of adult macroalgae: 1-4

bioerosion: 1-2

grazing: 1-3

predation: ?

urchin removal: 1-5

sediment removal: ? not many

By conserving biodiversity, what are we doing?  Slowing down natural processes.  Mass extinctions have lead to a rebound of the surviving taxa and rapid evolution over and over again throughout history and without them we and the flora/fauna we know would not be here.  We just want to see the pretty reefs, cute pandas, and super sweet whales because we are self-centered d.ick-bags. 

3) What we should conserve, is the well being of the individual...not the species.  Minimize immediate suffering rather than minimize the loss of s.hit that you want to take pictures of.

4) Global climate change is not a myth.  However, it is happening whether we have anything to do with it or not...we are merely speeding up the inevitable.  Big deal

5) Gay people should be able to marry

6) Sonny Boy Williamson II is the best harmonica player of all time

7) The "friend zone" is just something that happens when a guy is a decent human being and a female wants to be friends with them.  However, the male seems to think that just because he isn't a piece of s.hit, that he is entitled to some sort of sexual act or something.

8) Squirtle is better than Bulbasaur and Charmander combined

9) My opinion on the Trevon Marin case is that I should not have an opinion on something that I am not directly involved in.  I do not know the Martin or Zimmerman family, and I'm not on the jury being presented with the evidence so I will stay out of it. 

10) Alcohol is the most destructive drug in existence

These are my opinions, and they are more important than yours.

Sorry everyone


I'm so confused at my life right now

if it makes you feel better, I'm confused at your life right now too

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