Superhero movies have been getting pretty good reputation recently. Sure, Blade was pretty mainstream, but the comic book movie genre began to explode with movies such as Spider Man and X Men. Although decent first movies, their sequels were not only more emotionally involving, but had better effects, dialogue, story, and acting. After a while, it becomes apparent that the first comic book movie in a series is merely meant to set up the characters. Iron Man was great(ironically the sequel was average), but it followed the tried and true formula of Marvel to make a likeable movie with a likeable cast, and have some fun along the way.

Now, I'm a guy who likes a really good story. Really good action when necessary, and really good comedy when necessary. For the most part, Marvel has done a decent job of incorporating all of these in their movies. Thor is no exception.

So I went into the movie expecting pretty average everything. I still had the bland taste of Iron Man 2 in my mouth, and I wasn't that excited about seeing this. In one sentence, I can sum up the movie for you. Best comic book movie ever, period.

Now, a lot of people disagree with me on this. I have seen a hefty number of reviews of this movie, some of which were negative. But this is coming from the same people that gave Revenge of the Sith Three and Half Stars, so what they have to say means nothing to me.

The movie begins in a CGI world, and focuses on Thor and his Brother Loki. Thor becomes king, and without spoiling too much, his arrogance and blindness gets him banished from the CGI world, and thrown into good ole' New Mexico.

Now, when I watch a movie, I really like a solid lead character. One we can relate too, but one who also is likeable, and makes a change throughout the story. Take Ralph Machio's Character in the Karate Kid. We feel bad for the kid, and throughout the course of the story, we watch the weak-bodied/minded boy turn into something great, and overcome his enemies. I really like the way Thor handled the lead character. He began as surprisingly likeable, but had a lot of bad qualities. Coming to earth, stripping him of his powers and being betrayed really doesnt have an effect on him at first, but when he realizes the morality of the humans, he begins to become less self centered and more about helping others, which makes for a terriffic closing scene.

Just the whole story in general was pretty good. I have a bone to pick sometimes with these movies that have flat characters. I really enjoy when things happen to change the story and characters. Keep things upredictable. The effects were top notch, music was very good, plot was solid, and very enjoyable characters.


+Good Story
+Fantastic Character Writing
+Good effects
-3D sucks
-Little disjointed at times

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CrackerJack said:

no its not done....almost


this friday me and my friend are video reviewing some movies hopefully

bump, since crackerjack deleted his thread instead of following through with two more promised reviews.


you still owe us a video review of raditude and a movie review of your choosing, by july 1.

oh wait, nevermind. he's given up writing reviews.



I really enjoy when things happen to change the story and characters.

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