Could Kids/Poker Face be retired for the Memories tour?

I don't mean this to sound rude or demanding to the band, but...

I really think most of the people in the crowd for these shows would be incredibly happy to not hear Kids/Poker Face.  That cover medley was a great way to excite festival audiences who are less than familiar with Weezer's catalog... but that won't be necessary for the people who come to the Memories shows.

Most of the people buying tickets for these shows are hardcore fans who are doing so because they love the band's album tracks as well as the hits. I think Kids / Poker Face would be taking away the chance to hear a track from 'Hurley' or a beloved fan-favorite like "The Angel & The One" or "This Is Such a Pity." Stuff that was avoided on the festival run this summer.  I've seen it twice now (Milwaukee '09 and MN '10) and would love for its slot to be replaced by something more "fan-friendly."

That being said, I can't be too picky considering the band will be playing two of my favorite albums of all time in full. Just thought I'd throw this out there. :)

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Replace it with `Superfriend'.
I doubt they'll play it.
Let us pray.
I'd like to hear it
I've heard it live once, and I would like to hear it again, Plus the Lady Gaga-esque wig is hilarious.
The Lady Gaga wig joke worked one time and I think the joke ran its course. I don't wanna see Rivers in a wig, doing the poker face rap mere moments after hearing him sing the beautiful final lyrics to Pinkerton. Wouldn't feel like the right way to celebrate our memories of Weezer.

But diff'rent strokes I suppose.

Al Scorcho said:
Replace it with `Superfriend'.
i dunno rivers looked damn fine in that wig. and yes im a guy. shut up.
I recorded Rivers with the wig in July, I cracked up! It made my 9 yr old beg me to take him to the next show after watching it.. LOL I will be happy with what ever set list Weezer comes up with.
totally makes sense

Friend to all Insects said:
i dunno rivers looked damn fine in that wig. and yes im a guy. shut up.
The "kids" cover would fit better without the Poker face section inserted. Kids is a great song.

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