Please check out my band Convex we have 3 studio recordings up underneath the 'Listen' tab, we are quite heavily Nirvana and Foo Fighters influenced let me know what you guys think?  =w=

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Is there a way to make a way for us to listen to it without Facebook? I don't do Facebook.
ummmm il upload em to soundcloud in a few days and repost with a link where you dont need FB :D

Mark Jardine said:
ummmm il upload em to soundcloud in a few days and repost with a link where you dont need FB :D
Dog Days by ConvexMusic

Ummmmm I think I've embedded 1 out of 3 of the tracks there ^^^^^ but if that doesn't work or you wanna hear the other tracks i think this work should work: thanks in advance for all the feedback and stuff  =w=
I think you guys sound great

lolz seriously.

i mean, vocals aside it doesn't sound that bad, it's just not 1996 anymore.

brofessefef said:


About ten years ago I'd have bought an album off the back of that track.





Does that seem offensive?  It wasn't supposed to be.

Thanks for the feedback and stuff :) 

What was wrong with the vocals? they are in tune and fit the genre surely? and tbf he did do 2 takes and used those two as we didn't have much studio time left. :L  We know its 'not 1996 anymore' but we just play and create music that we love and try not to care whats in fashion or in at the moment :D 

brofessefef, your always saying weezer was awesome back that time in 1996. So if that times music fits you the best, then why do you criticise them? They sound f***ing awesome

you guys sound pretty put together,it has a nice UMMMPHY sound to it. keep going at it!

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