Hi Guys.

got a tad confused here and need some help.

the free shipping over $75 on the site has a # next to it and says U.S shipping only. which i presume means what it says on the tin. but then every single item in the shop has a # next to it, so does that mean you can only use the shop in the US. or is it just a bit of a coincidence?

i NEED that blue album shirt!

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You can shop from the UK or any other country. No idea what the postage rates are, mind
Better to contact the store with your questions.
whoa, a serious reply?

j-biebs said:
it's amazing that you got this entirely wrong.

first, it's a * not a #.
secondly, it doesn't say "u.s. shipping only," it says "u.s. orders only."
third, yeah, they shouldn't have used the asterisks to make the "pre-order" text stand out, but those asterisks are unrelated to the first asterisk, and subsequent explanation of that first asterisk.

they ship anywhere. for u.s. orders, shipping is free when spending over $75.
indeed thankyou for the serious reply :) even though it was sarcastic.
i can now order my blue album t-shirt in peace.

i didnt use a * because its that small on this forum font people would hardly notice it.
anyway, ta very much

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