Not complex per say, but clouded metaphors, really full lyrics that you sit back and say man he put a lot of time into.  The discussion is pretty self explanatory, but first off, although I do love Blue and Pinkerton the most, I'm not going to sit hear and boast of the greatness, enough of that is being done, but show you a transition.


"Somebody's Heine'
Is crowdin' my icebox
Somebody's cold one
Is givin' me chills
Guess I'll just close my eyes"

"I will crush your pretty
Toenails into a thousand pieces."

"What could you possibly see in little ol' 3 chord me?"

(Favorite line ever, and I could very well be biased, you tell me)


And then 


"I don't feel the joy
I don't feel the pain
You were just a toy
I am just insane"


"You don't keep house and I'm a slob
You're freakin' out cause I can't keep a job
We don't update our blogs
We are trainwrecks"


"I got a PC, you got a Mac
I'm giving you flak for your AirPort
I read books and you watch TV
You wanna be free to relax more"


Am I just not getting it or does anyone else just see the lack of substance in rivers' recent lyrics?


Also the Red Album is kind of an odd ball as it's a later album and it's lyrics aren't too bad.



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really a good lyrics... i like it very much..

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