I like the Lakers. They are a great basketball team. Kobe is awesome. Nobody seems to remember the incident with that girl where he...oh wait. Never mind. Anyway, I hope they play the Celtics again in the finals. I hope the Lakers win. It's not because I hate the Celtics or the color green or Irish people or anything like that so please do not ban me. I just think that the Celtics are poo-poo heads.


Also I found an awesome picture. I hope you like it. What a swell guy. Does anyone know where I can get a sweater like this? It looks warm.


Please be nice in this thread. Nothing offensive please. I am very sensitive.


So in this thread, I only want niceness. All nice, all the time. This will be the most entertaining thread ever. K?



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Double awwww!

Miss Caitlin said:

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