It doesn't seem like you can scroll down as far as on the "classic" forum. It's kindof a pain in the a**.

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean... but if you click the specific forum name - ie: All Things Weezer you have more threads to view on a page, rather than on the general forum page where it lists a few threads in each forum:
Nah that's not what I meant. Each topic seems to have more pages since less posts are on each page. It's not a big deal. Just more clicking (and waiting).
Yeah, I liked the scroll down fast feature vs. click and wait, too.
I don't like that if you comment on a thread then you automatically follow it and get tons of notifications to your e-mail. I think that it should be the opposite. You should have to push the button to follow a thread if you want to follow it.
you can turn this off in your settings.
no worries. it's definitely annoying but at least it's turn off-able (?).

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