Reckon they'll come to good ol' England any time soon?
Being 16 means my parents won't let me go over to America alone for a concert gawd-darnit

Weezer will you come here?
Anyone else have thoughts on the matter?

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Sucks that I can't go over, but when/if they do come over here I'll see you there xD

I'm glad someone is taking my post seriously and not just wasting space and/or insulting each other
DarthSchroeder said:

Hahaha.  I see why your parents wouldn't want you over here.  Americans are crazy.  Just kidding.  Kind of...

I have no idea when they're planning on heading to "good ol' England", but I would gladly join you for a concert if they ever do.  :)  Weezer rocks.

has anybody got the memories promo cd? it says on it that there is going to "be a full uk tour later in the year" 


Nice!  Well, I'm officially making a trip to the UK.

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