Well its getting to be that time of year again...
Does anyone else genuinely enjoy Christmas With Weezer? Pat did all the Guitar and Drum parts with Scott on Bass (presumably), and Brian on Background Vocals which is cool. Rivers' voice sounds a bit over-produced (probably because it was made for an ipod game) but you know what, its Christmas, its Weezer, its enjoyable, and it rocks.

Plus I like how they chose traditional Christmas music instead of commercial songs like jingle bells or deck the halls.

And what do you think about Weezer's other Christmas songs "Christmas Celebration" and "The Christmas Song"?

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I like it a lot. My favorite is O Holy Night. And yeah, it is a bit overproduced, but I don't mind.
i really like it too.

elscorcho said:
I like it a lot. My favorite is O Holy Night. And yeah, it is a bit overproduced, but I don't mind.
"O Holy Night" and "Silent Night" are pretty nice versions.
I just bought the game, last week, and enjoyed it very much. But there is not alot of emotion in the songs. But it's allright :)
We wish you a merry Christmas sounds Pinkerton to me, but it needed to be much faster (140 bpm about)
What? How did it sound Pinkerton?
I like it a lot.
It's alright. I bought it the other day.
I always liked The Christmas Song. Some of the songs sound a bit phoned in, but yeah...O Holy Night was done nicely
'The Christmas Song' sounds like a different shade of 'Waiting on You' to me, and 'Christmas Celebration' has a bratish punk feel to it I can't help but like. A great EP and greedily consumed by a fanbase that had been starved of new material for too long.

'Christmas with Weezer' adds an appealing guitar aesthetic to those carols, carols I personally felt jaded with a long time ago, certainly worth a spin this time of year.

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