Chicago Memories Tour Go-ers: do you need a free place to stay?

I have a sweet apartment in the city off of the blue line (which is easily accesible to the red line...which of course will take you to the aragon). If you are coming in from out of town or the suburbs and do not have accomodations, i would like to offer my couch and/or floor space. i have room for probably 4 extra people. so, bring your pillow and a sleeping bag, and beer if you are of age and we will have an awesome time :) no charge of course. i know times are tough and god knows those tickets weren't the cheapest (especially if you had to CL or ebay them...)

email me for details! :)

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p.s. there is an awesome taco place close by too :)
That's really cool of you! I have a place to stay, just no tickets atm :P
lmk if you know of anyone with extras :)
I fully expect to party with you even though I'm staying elsewhere. FAIR WARNING.
by the way kayla's real nice and she's a super-cutie and you'd be a fool not to take her up on her offer ;)
Very nice of you Kayla, I am from Chicago so I don't need a place to stay but just wondering...are you going to both shows?
yes shawn, i am going to both shows. going to be there bright and early both days too :)

coolness, if you were coming in a day earlier, we could hang out all day because i took thursday off of work so i could get a good night's rest/party with you the night before. either way, yes we will hang out and party and i can't wait to meet you and jen!
+1 for you ;)
Getting a head start on your campaign for next year, I see.

Brofessefef said:
Kayla, fly me out there and I'll spend some time with you and your taco.
Kayla, I think I already have a place to stay, but I must know, is that taco place you speak of the almighty Taco Burrito Express!? I went to Chicago this past July and it was by probably the best food stop we made on the entire tour.

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